Entries are now closed, but please come join us for the finalist exhibition.

 Quick overview of Entry details

 To enter you have 2 options:


Option 1 – ENTER ONLINE and upload your photos or

Option 2 – provide images on a usb* to a competition organiser, school representative or at the Mount Evelyn Post Office, with required forms.

For Option 2, you need to download the forms to print out and fill in the details.

(*If submitted on usb, the photographer will not receive the usb back.)


Please enter your Submissions between 13 October 2016 and 28 February 2017.

Each person can submit up to 5 photos. Entry is open to everyone, we have 3 Categories to enter:
– Primary School (includes younger children)
– Secondary School
– Over 18

All photographs must be taken within Mt Evelyn. See Terms & Conditions  for more details.

Naming Criteria

Please name your photos like this:
> your First name, your Surname, underscore, image number

For example:  SallySample_1.jpg  /  SallySample_2.jpg etc.

You have the option of giving your photos Titles too, for example “Local life” etc. Please note it on the form next to the image number.

(Please get in contact if you are unsure of the naming criteria.)


All Entries should be formatted to:

  •  JPG file format
  • in RGB colour mode
  • size from 72 dpi/ppi but no more than 300 dpi/ppi or 10MB
  • photos of around 5MB would be good. Use the best/highest camera settings available

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