Get your imagination running wild…

We want to see all kinds of weird and wonderful photos of Mt Evelyn!


Stuck on what to snap?  Here’s some ideas:

  • Community, fun, smiles
  • Fun, sport, activities
  • Arty art
  • Architecture & History
  • Local wildlife
  • Fauna & Flora
  • People enjoying everything Mt Evelyn has to offer
  • A different view of the world…

So many possibilities. See > Snap > Share!

Some of the Primary School entries so far:

SeeMtEvelyn – Aqueduct

Tahlia Murden – The Warburton Trail is a must with your bike…

Tahlia Murden – Many different trails and walks to enjoy

SeeMtEvelyn – Street Party

Harper Mckenzie – Crossing Post

Victor Doran – Joy!

Some of the Secondary School entries so far:

SeeMtEvelyn – Fairies

Isabelle Lane – Untitled5

Isabelle Lane – Untitled4

SeeMtEvelyn – Waiting for the worm

Michael Stephens – Warburton Trail being enjoyed by a family

Michael Stephens – My Twin Brother enjoying a beautiful day on the Warburton Trail

Some of the Over 18 entries so far.

Darren Stephens – Members of the Community Enjoying Wray Cresent

Kellie Skrinjar – Kookaburra at halftime Mount Evelyn Footy

Jen Marbel – Riding to the local IGA

Darren Stephens – Twins heading to the Mt Evelyn shops along the Warburton Trail

George Margaritis – Tawny Frogmouths, Mum, Dad and Junior eyeing off dinner. Taken in Mt Evelyn back yard, what a treat

Brenda Looker – Beware of the Dragon – Mt. Evelyn Fete

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